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Mistakes and Realtors


It would be fair to assume the outcome real estate clients wish for in regards to their realtor and process is to be
content with the services along with the investment made. However, before the fairy-tale ending, you may or may
not run into unfavourable situations along the way. The negative situations for the sake of this blog will be the ones
unintentionally caused by your agent.  

I have written this blog to give you the reader, regardless of being a fellow agent or a potential client, a deeper insight
of everything, you and your agent and or buyer can avoid at the forefront of every real estate business transaction.

Common mistakes realtors make that have likely created an obstacle for their buyer and ergo the buying process
are the following:



First, you cannot be aggressive and jump right into taking your clients to showings. You first need to know if your
client has been pre-qualified and if so for how much. You wouldn’t want to show them a house or have an assessment
consultation without knowing this vital information. Without this key element, you would not be able to properly determine
if they have the funds to purchase. 

You would also not wish to disappoint your clients, say they loved the house you showed them but they
had not been pre-qualified. They would feel let down and would constantly compare what estate they loved
to what they were able to afford later. In the end, this experience was an unfavourable one and it could be likely
they would not wish to be reminded of this and may not want to work with you again.



A very important step not to be missed or skipped is the Buyer Assessment Consultation. This twenty to thirty-minute
meeting allows for the understanding of your particular client's wants and needs in regards to their real estate endeavours. 

Upon gathering specific information, you have now been given the access to create your own questions based on the
desires of your buyer. This means you are not only aware of how to ask questions addressing the client's concerns but
you are also taking the lead of the conversation.



When it comes to taking the lead, it is also important to note the idea of setting boundaries.

Whenever you make arrangements to meet with a doctor you have been given a schedule or a pronounced moment
of time that will be dedicated to the appointment. Besides some exceptions, your client should never be able to
impose their schedule on yours.
 It is important to make it clear to your client that you are to be taken seriously
as a professional. 
There is always room to compromise however that means your time, as well as your client's
time, should be respected. 

Next, If you are a realtor you need to take the perspective of your potential clients into account. This goes for any
service you would like to provide in any industry. One way to do this effectively is by becoming the client yourself and
asking questions.



In this scenario, the real estate agent would contact another realtor and ask them questions in relation to a listed property.
With this extra effort, you will be well versed in knowing all details of the property as well as developing follow-up questions.
You being an expert in your field, the right questions you were able to come up with could very well be what leads your
client to their desired outcome.

I mentioned that realtors should be asking the right questions and this is because when it comes to the potential buyer,
they usually do not know where to start and it’s completely understandable because this is a vastly new experience for them.

Being a realtor requires you to be very sound in all aspects of real estate as well as being knowledgeable of anything
else that would impact real estate market conditions.

As a realtor, you are there to guide your clients as well as educate them so that they can navigate and make informed
decisions while building trust with you.

Your goal is to have your client feel satisfied. They should come out of this experience knowing they’ve made a decision
they are content with. They should feel their needs were being met and that the process was smooth. Ultimately, they will
feel confident knowing they worked with a professional that understood and put their needs first.  


If you have questions about this topic or real estate in general, please feel free to message me!
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